Asset Management

NewOak offers discretionary as well as advisorysolutions.

With our discretionary mandates, you decide on the appropriate investment strategy based on your risk profile and investment objective and delegate the management of your assets to a team of investment experts. The execution follows a clear and structured investment process with constant portfolio monitoring that ensures disciplined implementation of your selected strategy. Our experts dynamically take advantage of short, medium, and long-term market opportunities for you, ensuring that investment opportunities are taken as they arise and that risks are minimized.

With the advisory solution, we develop an investment strategy tailored exclusively to your needs. On a regular basis we sit together with you to discuss current investment opportunities and potential risks, and offer in-depth advice on all asset classes.

For both solutions, we incorporate the implications of climate change and shifting investor sustainability preferences into the strategic asset allocation. In the end, our goal is to deliver the best possible return on your assets, based on the objectives you have set.

Our goals are:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Asset growth
  • Tailored asset allocation

We guarantee:

  • Service tailored to your specific needs
  • Full transparency
  • Diversification of risk sources
  • High-income streams
  • Monitoring of tax implications

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