Club Deals

NewOak’s clients are mainly talented and successful entrepreneurs. All of them have been successful in their areas of activity and countries. All of them can now build on NewOak’s client-based knowledge and experience to diversify their investments and income, thanks to the opportunities sourced within the client base itself.

When one of our clients embarks on a new direct investment, whether it is in real estate or in a business venture, he generally puts in most of the commitments, but may also wish to share this opportunity with other selected NewOak clients. Providing our clients with opportunities int the real economy worldwide alongside trusted partners is certainly something which they find extremely valuable.

We then manage the full transaction life cycle and ensure that clients have a shared interest in the investment projects. NewOak likes to jump on board and frequently invests its capital in the same projects that we have selected for you.

The advantages of NewOak’s Club Deals include:

  • Increased source of income from other geographical regions where you are not present
  • Diversification of investment exposure
  • Higher chances of successful returns
  • Guaranteed quality of the opportunities

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