Private Equity & Real Estate

A large part of the economy comprises small and medium-sized companies that are not listed on the Stock Exchange. At NewOak, we provide you with access to a broad range of private equity investment opportunities across buyout and growth investments, as well as venture capital opportunities with a focus on what we consider the most attractive parts of the global private equity market. Through our custodian banks we can provide private equity funds-of-funds, or alternatively shares in private equity companies that are in turn to be listed. Thanks to our privileged relation with leading private equity companies, we can offer top private equity funds investing in selected companies. Through our extended network, we grant you access to top-tier European startups. Our in-house venture capital fund will allow you to invest in a diversified portfolio of early-stage, high-scalable European and US startups with technological substance.

Moreover, in collaboration with a foremost family office here in Geneva, we operate a real estate fund dedicated exclusively to our own clients. This is a boutique-sized fund with access to unique niche Swiss real estate opportunities. The fund invests in commercial real estate in Central and Western Switzerland. The portfolio currently holds 6 medium-sized buildings located close to train stations and highway exits and targets assets that are too big for private individuals and too small for institutional investors, with a minimum yield of 5% in CHF. The fund is regulated in Luxembourg by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) and distributes a regular income. On top of the fund, we provide you with direct equity and bridge loan investment opportunities in residential, commercial and hospitality real estate, both in Switzerland and Europe.

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